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The Break Up

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The Break Up
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     This is a co-production with Brunette Foot Fetish and Fantasy NATASHA found out her boyfriend was a lying cheat, so she tricks him with a promised night of romance, as they toast with the wine he realizes something is wrong. Natasha laughs as he slowly shrinks down... she slipped a potion in his drink. She laughs and lets him know its over between them, but not before he begs for his life.. better yet, she torments him by forcing him to lick her feet. she threatens to crush him as he lays there begging for mercy,licking her toes in hopes she will spare him... but Natasha has no mercy for this loser now.. after she terrorizes him with her feet and humiliating comments.. she finally breaks up with him for good as she smashes down on him on one swift splat. (POV, echo, SFX, +russian subtitles)

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