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Shrunken JOI By Your Angry Girlfriend Auden POV

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Shrunken JOI By Your Angry Girlfriend Auden POV
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Description :     Your girlfriend Auden is pretty angry with you. She caught you, her boyfriend John, jerking off to your friend Stacy's feet over video chat. That's already happened, and you're just waking up on her bed... Only, you're only a couple inches tall now! You're horrified to find out that Auden has not only shrunken you down, but plans to crush you if you don't get off to her feet! She keeps calm, but you can see that she's frustrated that you'd get off to Stacy and you haven't even told Auden before that you're into feet. Lots of great dialogue and occasional sole views as Auden casually encourages you to jerk off. She starts counting down by the end, but the story assumes the stress is too much and in the end, you're crushed by your girlfriend's bare foot.

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