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Eugines tiny feet cleaner

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Eugines tiny feet cleaner
Running Time:
15 minutes

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Description :     I was so tired after my work tonight. To be a waitress mean to walk all day long, and I need good old feet massage from my lazy little slave. My feet are so sweaty, I don't think he likes it. But who cares? Or had I to take a bath before massage? Oh, don't make me laugh. That is just a slave. So he must work obediently for his mistress. And he massaged, licked and sucked my toes and heel. But he was not applying himself, he was so lazy that I even got my tongue tired from telling him to try harder. He as just an egoist! He completely don't care about my hard working and weariness. If any other woman were in my place she would crush him. Well, I did this too. INCLUDES ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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