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Giantess Princess Adriannas Revenge

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Giantess Princess Adriannas Revenge
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :     Adrianna has come to the rescue of one of her knights captured by the enemy. They're kicked around by her bare foot after she removes one sandal. After picking some up with her toes, Adrianna moves on to tasting the enemy soldiers. She rejects the first one or two but the rest it's implied are eaten up. Each vore scene has a POV scene along with it. When Adrianna is done with the enemy knights she moves on to her own army frusterated at their failure. She plans on finding a new army to replace them and gets to stepping on them too. Lots of great dialogue with Adrianna as usual with her voice echoing high above and a few advanced slow-mo scenes retell the action added in as an extra bonus. 6min 43sec.

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