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Island Grown

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Island Grown
Running Time:
25 Hi Res Pages,

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Description :     Derek just won the chance of a lifetime, a trip to a photo shoot with sexy super Angel Secret model Claire and ex super model Michelle! His fantasy gets even better when the plane crashes on a deserted island...which has mysterious meteors and oversized fruits all over it! Pilot Oliver and sexy Co Pilot Claire try to keep things cool when suddenly a storm hits! Everyone seeks shelter and a some sexual fun as the meteors start making the straw huts look smaller and smaller to everyone... This comic contains giantess, mini giantess, clothes ripping/shoe busting, breast growth, ass growth, oral sex, cum shot on breasts, sexual teasing, male height, muscle and penis growth, female growth during oral sex, breast squeeze on penis while woman is growing, face sitting while woman is growing, straw hut outgrowing and more!

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