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Cant Resist Heathers Feet POV

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Cant Resist Heathers Feet POV
Running Time:
5.5 minutes

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Description :     You're pretty obsessed with Heather's feet. You've seen this girl at the park before and you've finally gotten up the nerver to wander over to her at your tiny shrunken size. Heather realizes you want to see her feet, but unfortunately she seems to think you'd want to be squished by them too! You're too eager to just leave though, so you keep trying to check out her detailed soles, but she's quite insistant about the idea of squishing you. In the end, you do finally end up under her foot while she's still sitting. This is an early HD video from a few years ago that we haven't released before. As such, there are a few brief moments when the video gets a bit dark. Otherwise there are a good mix of detailed sole views as you wander at Heather's feet in this summer video.

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