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Jealous Reduction

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Jealous Reduction
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: pov, handheld, doll, feet, erotic, Kerri Taylor, Implied Sex
Description :     This was a custom for Kerri Taylor to be a girlfriend that had a detective spy on her boyfriend becouse he was out late at night and she thought he was chaeating, she confronts him and before he can explain she shrinks him down. she is mean to him then when she is about to stomp him to death the door knocks and it is the detective and it turns out he was not cheating and was actually planning a surprise for her. Problem is she cannot make him big again and he has run under the couch. Now she turns nice and gets in pasties and thong and coaxes him out then kisses him and then puts him in her panties and uses him for a sex toy.

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