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Shrunken Intern Found

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Shrunken Intern Found
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     I have been placed on an internship at the Science Lab. You are the classmate who had disappeared from this same internship over the summer. Looking for something in the lab I find you, a shrinking lab experiment went wrong and you have been shrunk for months, living at the lab. I am shocked, but amazed at how small you are. So cute! But I must look so huge! My eyes! My lips! My Ass! I bet my shoes look pretty scary too! I pick you up and I notice you have an erection and giggle. I guess it has been months since you have relieved yourself hasn't? I then touch your tiny penis and in an instant you cum on my hand. Your embarrassed but I tell you it's ok. It's been along summer without :)

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