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Universal Domination - alien schoolgirl giantess

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Universal Domination - alien schoolgirl giantess
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     From a custom video order... I am an alien schoolgirl who decides to skip school today and to check out this silly little planet Earth. All those mind control techniques my teachers have taught me are nothing compared to what I've discovered... On Earth, there's a hidden source of energy I can use my magic socks to absorb. This energy, and my socks, will help me to grow, and grow, and grow. I will be so large, I can block out the sun and kick planets around like soccer balls! Silly humans... you think you're so smart with your 'inventions'... little do you know that you're holding the very source of your demise... that I will harness in my socks and unleash upon the whole universe! You see a nice upskirt view of your new alien giantess dominatrix. I laugh as I grow and talk about crushing cities with my gorgeous socked feet!

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