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The Human Fly

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The Human Fly
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     You've been magicaly turned into a tiny human fly and you've found yourself in Nikki's room as she sleeps. You start buzzing around her body, landing on various spots. She swats at you as she desperately tries to get some rest. However, you are really annoying and won't let up. She finally has enough and gets up and kicks you in the air and you are injured. You spiral to the floor where she stands over you. You've pissed off the wrong girl! She decides to slowly torture you under her HUGE soles. She presses down slowly as you feel your insides about tp burst from the pressure. She pinches you between her giant toes as you star feeling your life fading away. She finally has enough playing around and starts to stomp out your miserable existence before you're gone for good!

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