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Tenshi And Sinthia Feeding Each Other

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Tenshi And Sinthia Feeding Each Other
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Description :     We've really been missing gummi bear videos, so during Tenshi and Sinthia's video shoot together we produced this one! Not only do the girls feed each other the classmates Tenshi has already turned into gummi bears, along with some teachers, but it's almost like Tenshi is training Sintha how to enjoy eating them in a way. The first couple that Sinthia eats seem quite politely chewed, but as the video goes on she gets a bit more playful. Tenshi of course is right on into it as always! Included as well are advanced slow motion moments showing off the chaos inside their mouths. As they continue eating, additional gummies are added until Tenshi ends up eating six after Sinthia encourages her to do so! This is an all new gummi bear vid featuring two classic models from Asian Giantess!

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