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Atlas Touch 3

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Atlas Touch 3
Running Time:
21 Hi Res Pages,

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Description :     Russ and the others are back for more growing action, including new growing women! Bethany forces Russ to power up her students! What happens when new character Annie confronts her overly rough husband with Russ for back up? Meanwhile Lily looks for a way to turn things around! This comic contains Giantess, Mini giantess, FMG, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, amazon on amazon sex, 3 way amazon sex, amazon growth during sex, rough sex, mini giantess amazon on normal size man sex, giantess amazon on normal size man sex, oral sex,building filling growth, wall destruction, feats of strength and more! Growth is caused by touch. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by Henry Buto and ZZZ, Lines by Oscar Celestini, colors by Len. Collectors Edition is 53 pages and includes all 21 pages as well as 21 pages with no text, a 3 stage growth sequence of Erin from Nozama Transfer by Oscar Celestini, character design sketches, storyboard pages, line art pages, advanced full color preview of Jekyll Hyde U 3 by one of our new FMG artists featuring Mary growing out of her clothes, advanced full color preview of Something in the Water 4 featuring a very big and very ready for revenge Hannah, and full color preview of Going Berserka 2 featuring the new villainous succubus ripping out of her clothes while draining the size and strength of Berserka!

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