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Husband Shrinks Before My Eyes

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Husband Shrinks Before My Eyes
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Description :     You have been jobless for awhile now and I come home from work and tell you I got a pay raise today. You seem to shrink a bit.I'm tired and not really sure whats going on. The second day I get home and tell you I got a promotion. You shrink even more. I soon realize that every time I tell you I am making more money then you; you shrink! I giggle and pick you up and tease you a bit. I have an idea. Tomorrow will be better day. You wont shrink anymore! The next door while sitting at my desk, high heels, stockings skirt and blouse you realize I am your new boss! You shrink even more! Ooops looks like my plan backfired! I walk over to you. Staring directly at my high heels. Looking up to see my upskirt. I pick you up and tell you that I can't have you down here to be stepped on. I drop you in my panties and tell you it's your choice. Stay in or escape. I giggle then sit down. Mmmm I see you have decided to stay deep inside me. ooo ahhh squeal! I orgasm all over you. I guess you were good for something after all here at work!

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