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Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions
Running Time:
14 minutes

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Tags: vore, unaware, cereal, shrunken man, pov, isabelle shy, isabella, milk, chewing, eating, slurping, milk dribbling, open mouth, closeup, extreme close ups, devour
Description :     Isabelle Shy strolls out to have some breakfast. Just as She is about to begin Her meal, She realizes that She forgot the spoon with which She will eat Her cereal! She leaves the room to fetch the spoon, unaware of the tiny man who takes the opportunity to climb up the cereal box and jump into the crunchy cereal.
Isabelle returns, spoon in hand ready to have a nice big fulfilling breakfast. She pours the cereal into the bowl, not noticing the tiny man that falls into the bowl. She pours in the milk, submerging the tiny man. And then…She begins to eat.
From this point forward, the video is POV from inside the cereal bowl. You look up at Her as She repeatedly dunks the giant spoon in, sometimes just barely missing you. You can hear the sounds of your treading water in the cold milk. You can hear Her crunching, chewing and slurping up the milk…all the while knowing that you could very likely be in the next spoonful!
As Isabelle enjoys Her cereal, She notices a tiny something in Her cereal, but writes it off as being a flax seed or something else that is supposed to be in there. She is still unaware of you floating silently in the bowl. Do you want to be devoured?
As She continues to eat, She makes eye contact with you once, twice….and then She continues to eat, with a wicked smirk on Her face, all the while pretending that She has not noticed you.


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