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Commensalism part 1

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Commensalism part 1
Running Time:
21 Pages

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Tags: Giantess, Feet, Crush, Hand Held,
Description :     In the age of Gods and Goddesses ten Kingdoms once watched over the great continent of Atlantis, once the center of the world and a land of peace, prosperity, and wisdom. The rulers of Atlantis were known as the Protectors, humans with sacred powers, mortal descendants of Gaia - the Goddess of Earth. As Gaia slumbered for a thousand years, the Protectors carefully watched over the world. But as the time for Gaia's return to earth quietly approached, a terrible monster with an unquenchable thirst for power rose up and waged war against the great ten kingdoms. The first kingdom fell. Then the second. Then the third... At the young age of 21, Athena - known as the monster across the lands of Atlantis - had claimed five of the ten kingdoms. With her unique ability to absorb the powers of The Protectors, the fall of each Kingdom lead her to only grow more powerful and determined. Before Athena now lies the royal city of Esmit, where her next target - A Protector known as Artemis - prepares to defend her lands to the death. But will the city of Esmit stand against the destructive and wild Giantess warriors of Athena's grand army? Or will it fall to ruin beneath the soles of the Giantesses' naked feet.

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