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Melanies Micro Slaves

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Melanies Micro Slaves
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: feet, sfx, crush, pov, handheld, vore, cleavage
Description :     Melanie reduced 5 guys to teach them a lesson. She wants to them one by one and enjoy their suffering. First little man Melanie swallows alive.The second one she places between her boobs and squash him.Next poor boy was crushed under her beautiful ass.Then Melanie makes little slave to lick her sweaty dirty feet. Melanie has tiny size 35 eu feet. But even such small feet seem huge for such a small person.Finally she tired to play with a slave and she just crushes him like a bug with her foot. She puts the last little loser into her sweaty shoes and goes for a walk.A small slave expects terrible and humiliating under smelly feet of Melanie.

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