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Shrunken Girl At Adriannas Feet POV

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Shrunken Girl At Adriannas Feet POV
Running Time:
4 minutes

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Description :     Adrianna is waiting for her friend at the park. Unknown to her, Adrianna's friend is already there, just shrunken down at her friends huge sandaled feet! She tries to get Adrianna's attention and finally tries to climb her friends leg. That gets Adrianna's attention and she kneels down to talk to her. Unfortunately her friend is too tiny to be understood and Adrianna has no idea how the girl got so tiny. At first, Adrianna comments that the girls mom is going to freak... then she realizes maybe no one needs to know about this. Helpful Adrianna quickly turns mean when she realizes how vounerable her tiny friend is, and how mad she is for her kissing Adrianna's boyfriend. To small to be able to do anything the shrunken girl is just left to watch in horror as her friend removes her sandals and begins threatening her with her feet! After Adrianna takes her time showing off her feet and coldly showing that she won't show mercy, one slow motion step later squishes her friend underfoot. 4min 42sec.

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