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I am better than you in every way

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I am better than you in every way
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: schoolgirl, amazon, sizefetish, strap on,
Description :     You are my teacher, Mr. Klein, and you are only 5'10" and I am well over 9 feet fall. You see, I'm from the generation where we are fed human growth hormone when we're younger so we are way taller than past generations. Do you know what that means, Mr. Klein? It means that your students will keep getting taller and taller than you! Teeeheee!

I have some news for you though... Mrs. Strong, the school headmistress has appointed me, the best (and did I mention the tallest?) student to take care of disciplining the little teachers like you when you make errors in your teaching, or you're not able to keep your classes under control. You would get lashes with the nasty cane!

But don't worry, you'll get something nice too... like this toy up your ass, when you've been a good little teacher. Gee, Mr. Klein, we are different in every single way... I am younger, you are older, I am tall and you are tiny, I am Asian and you are white, I am in control and you are not... we are different in every way and I'm better than you in every way!

You've been such a good teacher, I reveal my big strap on underneath my skirt to match my height. I love fucking you up the ass as my tiny 5'10" teacher. How do you like your 9 foot plus Asian student having so much control over you? Giggles!

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