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Helpless At Rachels Feet POV

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Helpless At Rachels Feet POV
Running Time:
4 minutes

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Description :     You've been dating Rachel for awhile and you're quite surprised when you wake up shrunken down at her feet. She reveals that she plans to get rid of you, but wants to have some fun first. You find yourself staring up at the bottom of her giant bare feet while she coaxes you saying that it will be fun. Eventually she gives you a chance to be kept by her if you massage her feet, but Rachel isn't really impressed by how you do. She even gets you to kiss her toes, but doesn't seem happy with that. Finally she accidentally steps down a little too hard on you and hurts you. You try to beg for her help by rubbing her feet more but Rachel decides finally just to step down on you with the lower arch of her foot. Almost five minutes!

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