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Giantess On The Run City Destruction

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Giantess On The Run City Destruction
Running Time:
9.5 minutes

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Description :     I grew to an enormous size and am now on the run. I come across a small town and beg for their help. I've been on the run for days now. Please let me rest. But even as I explain myself I accidentlly crush homes and knock over trees. I cry so hard I drown a man in my tears. They agree to let me stay. I lay down to rest but just as I rest my eyes I stomach growls an enormous sound! I am so hungry, but what can I eat! I find a food vendor and start to lick the food from his body. But I accidentally suck him in my mouth, gulp! oops! I can't believe I just ate someone! I have no choice but to get rid of everyone now! I go on a rampage stomping on cars and flattening homes. When everyone is d3ad I take advantage of the silence and lay down to finally get some rest!

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