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Krissy in Lets Play Part 2

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Krissy in Lets Play Part 2
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Description :    

Krissy is a brand-new Giantess who finds some little men who want to play with her, and the play continues in this Part 2 of 2! You'll see great POV shots of this incredibly sexy goddess, in her 6" chrome heels. She's got all the moves to terrorize the puny men and get them horny at the same time! They get to rub her legs and feet before getting squashed under her feet and ass, while she looks you in the eye! SOme get lucky and get to rub her boobs and kiss her before getting broken. Other try to get away but end up being rolled on by her gorgeous body. You'll want Krissy to come and play with you too!


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