Please note that although videos purchased can be found in the "My Videos" section at a later time for re-download, the videos are NOT archived there forever. It is the purchaser's responsibility to download the purchased videos in a timely manner to their local computer as purchased videos are periodically cleared at which time you would lose the chance to download the purchased videos again.




New Store system

Store Updates  Feb 5th 2017

- Fixed Forgot Password not sending Email
- Added pop up Message when you first enter store Explaining th epurpose of the "My Videos" Re-Dowload page
- Made the "Own It" into a button so it is clearer when adding to your cart.

4K  VR
- Due to size and compatibility I have not been adding 4K videos,  I still will not add 4K regular videos for now but due to the nature of VR I decided the benefits of 4K for VR are worth the trouble and xtra file size but I also decided so sizes do not get out of contol to only use only H265 instead of the standard H264 since H264 is not really designed for 4k and thus has ridiculous oversized files.
HEVC / H.265 Explained


Studio Updates