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Name: Not long enough part 3
Studio: GSF Photo-Comics
Price: $ 13.00
Length (hh:mm:ss): 250 Pictures
Size (MB): 500 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: this chapter continues right where we left on chapter II. shay's girlfriend, ania, unknowingly the beer with the shrinking potion in it, and after a major session of self-pleasuring, she orgasmed three times and shrunk down to a mere size of a few inches tall. her boyfriend, shay, which got seduced by his evil, insane ex-girlfriend, regina, had already shrunk down to the size of a bug. he barely survived inside the sweaty boot of ania on chapter II, being wore-alive without her even knowing he's there. now ania finds shay, and have to accept the terrible fate that befallen both her and her beloved boyfriend. but will shay tell her the all truth? and if he wont, what will ania do if she'll find out? while ania and shay tries to think of a way out of this mess they got into, trying to avoid their insane sexual needs which got magically enhanced, regina goes back to the magic shop, and this time she brought a friend with her - beautiful, tall, red-head and alluring katja - her lesbian friend. she seeks for more potion that will help her fulfill her insane desire for total revenge. the clock is ticking, and time runs out for shay and his beautiful girlfriend, ania - for the goddesses are about to come home... amazing chapter, with beautiful renders, surprising twists, extreme angles, pov's, shrunk woman, shrunk man, toe-job, micro, hand-held and finger-held, tons of feet, boobies, size-comparison and everything needed to blow your mind out. probably the best chapter so far - though i'll recommend warmly to check out the first two chapters - the complete creation worth more then it's parts! enjoy :-) 250 high-res renders, 1720*1090 each.
Status: Available