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Name: Not long enough part 4
Studio: GSF Photo-Comics
Price: $ 12.00
Length (hh:mm:ss): 200 Pictures
Size (MB): 500 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: this chapter continues our tale and focus on the events at katja's house. katja - regina's sexy, lesbian friend - had the hots on ania, and manage to convince regina to spare ania's life and let her take care of the shrunken woman. she takes ania to her home, and get ready for some hot action of SW! katja makes ania worship her sexy, gorgeoues feet, massaging her sweaty soles and licking them clean. when she is satisfied by ania's devotion (which was born out of pure will to simply survive), she reward her...by making her cum in various, hot ways! to spice things up - katja captured a male victim, using regina's potions to shrink his ass down - and trapped him inside a glass half-filled with some alcoholic liquid. as he watch the insanely arousing action from the side - he realize that he got some huge problem, in the form of a giant spider, seeing him probably as his next meal!!! to check out what will become ania's fate, as well as the new tiny slave - buy this HOT, amazing chapter and find out!!! tons of foot-fetish scenes, unique angles, pov, close-ups, nipple, pussy, and clitoris action, insertion, toe-job(female-to-female), sex(tiny man to slightly bigger female), crush, shrinking, hand-held, finger-held, in-shoe, and more, rendered in high-details, high-resolution and high-quality as always. enjoy! and thank you for your support. if you haven't checked out the former chapters of this awesome, sexy story - go check it out! its worthwhile! 200 files, 1720*1090 res.
Status: Available