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Name: Angelica Vee Bigger Cuter and better
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:33:02
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: starts with a growth scene. If possible I would then like a second growth scene where she grows to mega size, as I've seen you do in many other videos, and briefly destroys some of the smaller cities. Here's my storyline pitch: I want the video to be about a microphile (a woman who gets off on tiny people, the reverse of our fetish, so basically someone who already wanted to be a giantess) but someone who is ashamed about it, and doesn't want to give in to their worst impulses once she's giant-sized. 

Girl finds an ancient magic talisman. The talisman is said to bring out your deepest desires and make them reality. She picks it up but then thinks about what that actually means for her, and then tries to throw it down because she realizes what that means. It's too late, she starts growing. She should be VERY into the growing as it's happening, losing herself in it almost euphorically.

2. Girl is now giantess-sized. This is where I want her to be extremely conflicted at first. Again, this would require someone who can act and maybe someone who's somewhat of a "girl next door" type, as that's what I'm envisioning in my mind. Someone who you wouldn't guess has a giantess fetish, in another words, who you'd think of as a "nice girl" or "shy girl", but it's her dark secret. She doesn't want to hurt anyone at first but as she keeps looking down at the tiny people she's getting more and more turned on. Slowly, she can't help herself. She starts picking them up but still doesn't want to hurt them. Finally she gives in and pops one in her mouth, and she should react almost like she's having an orgasm.

3. Now that she's given in to her impulses she should steadily lose control and start doing the typical giantess things. She should keep apologizing to them, sincerely not in an evil laughing way, but keep being unable to stop herself from stepping on them, eating them, all the typical stuff you always do in your videos!

4. I would love one of those scenes you used to do a lot with the "she makes the guys rub her feet" type deal, but instead of being like malicious and laughing at them, she acts like she's embarrassed about it. She picks up a couple guys and she's like "Can you....can you rub my feet?", very awkwardly and shyly, but when one of them tries to get away she does pound her first down and go "Hey! I am a lot bigger than you you know! Don't make me hurt you!". Whereas normally you shoot these scenes where the giantess is unimpressed by their efforts, here I want her to be positively orgasmic about it again. Their little hands on her enormous feet turn her on so bad she can barely stand it. Finally she keeps looking at them, staring at them doing it, and she can't help herself, she crushes them under her feet and gets off on it in a big way.

5. She finally starts destroying buildings with her body and really gets off on it, again very similar to videos I've seen you do a million times. Although honestly, I don't need a lot of this- maybe like two buildings or something. After she finishes destroying one, she suddenly feels funny and realizes she's about to grow again. She should be in a mixture of orgasmic pleasure and also again feel bad about it- be panting and into it but at the same time say something like "no....these little people won't stand a chance...."

6. She's now mega-sized. She should once again briefly be hesitant, saying something like "No...I'll crush so many people now....I can't do this." but then when she stares down at the tiny cities she gives in and starts crushing them. It should definitely be much faster than when she was hesitant earlier since she's already given in the first time. I don't need a lot of footage here either, but just a few shots of her destroying tiny cities with her feet is good. And then that's the end. Hopefully this all made sense! So again, to recap what I'm looking for: "girl next door/shy nice guy" type has secret giantess fetish, turns into giantess, is both really into it but also actually feels bad for the tiny people and doesn't want to give in at first, then gives in. 
Status: Available