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Name: MEGA Takeover with Dahlia Rain
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:37:45
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: City 1. Dahlia stomp to the first city. They pretend to hear an air raid siren. Both laugh. Dahlia  says, “Oh yeah, there is definitely an attack coming from above.” Dahlia says, “Well what is here? Looks like a perfect raid for us, ha ha.” Dahlia  place their hands on hips. They curse at and taunt the buildings, then laugh at them. They try to guess how much taller they are. Dahlia say how much they want to crush the city with their feet. D stands with a foot over the city, flexes her arms, then poses for the camera. Dahlia stomp and crush the city with their feet. D jumps up and down on the ruins.

City 2. Dahlia move to city two. They say how that first city was a breeze, nothing at all. Dahlia  notices writing on the buildings,  Dumb Dahlia”. The girls become pissed. They curse at the city and flip it off with their middle fingers. Dahlia says, “What the *uck!” K says, “Let's show these *uckers.” Dahlia says, “These buildings can kiss my *ss through these yoga pants.” D squats over the city for a few seconds, “Tastes good, right?” Dahlia says, “Oh I see paint peeling off the buildings.” and laughs. The girls rip the city in half, half for Dahlia, the other half for Dahlia says she secretly placed dynamite in all the buildings for the rest of the cities, so every time they are crushed, there will be massive explosions. D squats over her half, hands on her hips, says her butt is so huge, and sits on to crush it. Dahlia  crushes her half with her boobs. She gets into push up position and crushes. Big explosions follow. Dahlia curse out the ruins. Saying they got them back real good. Dahlia takes all the ruins and wipes Dahlia's butt with them. They laugh and move on.

City 3. Dahlia  harasses and humiliates the buildings in this city. They taunt and make fun of how short the buildings are. Dahlia  thinks her boobs are much taller than the buildings. She examines the buildings and compares them. She says her boobs are taller. Dahlia crushes them with her boobs. First, K pounds some of the buildings with her fists. She smashes them into the ground, littering the ruins with curses. Dahlia examines her boobs. She comments how she knows her boobs are definitely taller than the buildings. Dahlia says she is about to give this city a “total boob job”. She gets into push up position, and smashes the buildings with her boobs. Dahlia curses at the smashed buildings. The ladies then smash the ruins with their hands.

City 4. Dahlia recollect how awful the past 3 cities have been. They laugh about it. They fold their arms, cowering at the next city, like, oh no here we go again. Dahlia says they need to get their butts into the game. Dahlia look at each other's butts. Dahlia  takes off her yoga pants. They compare their sizes and who has the larger behind. Then, the ladies squat over the city to show off their booties. It's a total eclipse! D starts talking trash on the city. She thinks her ass would cover the entire city if she sat on it. Dahlia disagrees. D wants to prove it to her. D squats over the city. K takes a look and concurs, she is impressed. The girls then go in for some major ass destruction. D squats over the city and sits on and crushes half of it. A HUGE explosion ensues. Dahlia  takes her turn. She squats over and sits on the other half of the city. Another HUGE explosion ensues. The ladies laugh at the explosions. They wonder if they arise as a result of how hot they are. Dahlia  smother the ruins.

City 5. The ladies approach this city all pumped up. She decides to completely torment this city. Dahlia pull up the buildings, one-by-one, setting them next to the city. They squat over and sit on the buildings one at a time. They prolong this to torment the city, mocking it, and humiliating it in the process. The ladies wipe each other's butts with the ruins, further humiliating the city, and how awful it is.

Cities 6 and 7. The last two cities are two massive paper cities. They are situated next to each other or attached to each other. Dahlia give the final countdown for the final destruction. The ladies plot to crush the final cities with their butts. Dahlia says the plan is to squat over them, get them to smell our butts, then give them what they deserve. D says she thinks her butt smells worse than Dahlia  goes first. She claims her city. She squats over it, demanding the city to smell her butt. Then, she sits on it, smashing the entire city, followed by a massive explosion! D says, “Oh, pee eww, it stinks!!! That was a total butt bomb!!” It's Dahlia's turn. She claims her city. Dahlia squats over it, demands the city smell her butt. Then, she sits on it and crushes the entire city with her butt, followed by a massive explosion! Dahlia says, “Whoa, what a total stinker that was! My butt smells awful... and it was also a mega butt bomb!” Dahlia wipe up with the ruins, launching one final humiliation of the city, and the video ends.  

8th City
      whatever Dahlia wants to do.
Status: Available