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Name: My Daughter's Tiny Ex-Boyfriend
Studio: Fetishland Studios
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:57
Size (MB): 808 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: One day, a stage 5 clinger is desperate to see his ex GF again years after she’s broken up with him. So, he’s managed to shrink yourself and sneaks into her room. Minutes later though, her mother, Lucy Purr, walks into the room looking for something. Suddenly she stops, looks down and notices a small man. She is shocked and approaches him slowly, taking him into the palm of her hand and getting a closer look. Lucy recognizes him. This angers her,prompting her to ask why he’s in her daughter’s room. The man confesses that he still has feelings for her daughter and that he was planning to live the rest of his life out admiring her as a small man. Ms. Purr is disgusted and has not problem telling you. What follows is several minutes of Lucy Purr berating him recalling how unremarkable he is to her and her daughter. Ultimately, she decides he must be punished for his behavior. He must be disposed of. At this, the man confesses again, this time that he has a secret fantasy of being swallowed whole. Lucy is appalled and humiliates the man for his vile fantasy. With no sign of remorse, she opens wide and slowly puts him in, relishing the experience. She swallows him and gives a satisfied gulp. Momentarily, she feels the man moving in her body as he goes down. She demands you to stop, reminding you that you were the one who asked for it in the first place. Lucy Purr walks off as if nothing ...happened ...at ....all.
Status: Available