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Name: Loryelle’s Dating Diary - Date Seven - 8 Tiny Toys for a Giantess SFX
Studio: Giantess Crossing
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:23
Size (MB): 797 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 0x0
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: People Disappear on Dating
Dating people is always a risky thing as you never know who comes along. But since I date guys, it has become much more dangerous … for them.
When I think the guy is boring, which happens quite often, I spice the things up by perfectionizing my shrinking formula. So before my poor date knows what’s going on, he’s shrunken down to a few inches and needs to run or fight for his life.
Sometimes these shrunken dates have luck and manage to escape me. At least they think they do. But I know they are so small that they can’t really escape my flat. Especially because there is a merciless world out there. Huge insect-monsters are just one of many dangers for such a tiny man.
Adventures of My Shrunken Date
There’s a lot to do for a shrunken man to entertain me. First he has to swim in my glass of champaign, before he gets an exciting ride between my mountainous boobs. Then he has to dance for me on the table.
When he lands on the carpet he finds an earlier shrunken date of mine. How lovely! Now they can be friends and help each other to entertain and worship  me even better.
A funny game is to let them race against each other in climbing the soles of my sandals, where I can easily crush them at any time.I also decide to let them clean the tiny gems of my sandals.
Unfortunately this friendship don’t last very long, as his new friend gets crushed under my belly, when I turn around. He just ran too slow.
My next task for my new tiny slave is some giantess body exploration, including some belly button worship.
The Shrunken and Lost Ex-Dates
While I have some fun with my newest date, some of my earlier shrunken dates are around to have a look at the newcomer. As I’m completely unaware of them, most of them get accidently stepped on by my huge sandaled feet, while I walk around in my flat.
Another tiny man gets squashed beneath my sandal and my big toe while trying to get my attention by worshipping my toes.
After all these exciting tasks for my shrunken date, it’s time to end this wonderful date with a nice and slow butt crush beneath my sexy titanic ass.
Ever imagined to date me? See the dangers, that await you by watching this new and sexy shrinking fetish clip!
Loryelle’s Dating Diary
This is the 7th chapter of a series, called “Loryelle’s Dating Diary”.Every episode has special fetishes in focus.
You will enjoy this clip, if you like

butt crushes,
body exploration,
belly button worship and belly crush
boobs worship
foot worship
many sandal crushes
Status: Available