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Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 16.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:26:16
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840x1920
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Custom Request:
I would like to order a custom virtual reality clip starring Jaquelyn Velvets and Cali Logan. I would like for Jaquelyn to wear lingerie in this clip like a bra and thong. I want the clip to start off with the virtual reality camera inside of a doll house like one of the ones you used in some of your older clips. I want the camera to be placed on top of the bed inside the doll house for the beginning of the clip. The camera represents a small man that is sleeping in his bed until Jaquelyn walks towards the house and wakes the guy up. So I want the clip to start off with the camera on the bed without Jaquelyn around and then I would like for you to add in some sound FX to make it sound like Jaquelyn is walking towards the house. Then after a minute or so or a little less I would like for Jaquelyn to look inside the house and then tell the little man not to be frightened because she is a friendly giantess that is looking for a little man to be friends with. Then she can tell the little man or the camera that she wants to take him to her world where other giants such as herself live. Then Jaquelyn can put her hand inside the doll house and take the camera out. Then Jaquelyn can hold the camera in front of her face and say, "I'm going to take you for a long walk now to Giant Country but we have to go past your city in order to get there." Then the first part of the clip can end and then for the second part of the clip I would like for you to construct a city for Jaquelyn Cali Logan to have a fight in. The second part of this clip will be similar to your battle of the gods clip that had Jaquelyn and Raquel in it. The second part of the clip will start out with Jaquelyn walking towards the city with the camera in her hand then she can stop and see Cali Logan on the other side of the city. Then Cali Logan can say to her, "What are you doing here? This is my town that I am meant to destroy get out of here!" Then Jaquelyn can tell Cali that she is just passing through. Then Cali can say "What do you have in your hand? Is that a little person?" Then Jaquelyn can say "Yes. This little man is my friend." Then Cali can say "Well, if you give him to me then maybe I won't destroy this city and I will let you be on your way." Then Jaquelyn can say to the camera "This is a very unfriendly giantess I am dealing with here. But don't worry I won't let her take you!" Then Jaquelyn can put the camera on top of a building that she happens to be next to and then she can say to the camera, "Just stay here. I will take care of this mean giantess." Then Jaquelyn and Cali can fight each other for a bit and smash buildings on each other. Then Jaquelyn can pick up the camera again and then pretend to Cali and knock her out while she is carrying the camera in the other hand. Then Cali can lay down on the ground with her eyes closed while Jaquelyn holds the camera close to her and says "She is knocked out. You are safe now." Then the second part of the clip can end. For the third part of the clip I want it to be shot in a normal room with Jaquelyn where it starts of with Jaquelyn walking inside the room with the camera in her hand. Then I want Jaquelyn to lie down on a couch and then put the camera on top of her breasts and say, "That fight has worn me out a bit. And I hope you weren't too scared. I try to be a friendly giantess as much as I can, but it is difficult when I am around mean giants such as the one I faced earlier that want to steal my little friends away from me." Then Jaquelyn can say, "I would like to help you relax by giving you a nice tour of my body." Then I would like for Jaquelyn to turn over and place the camera on top of her butt and then leave it there for about a minute or so. Then I would like for her to turn around, sit up, and smother the camera between her breasts for a bit. Then she can give the camera a kiss and then the clip can end. One VR Camera on ground for a wide shot and to see the Ground Shake's and booms and the other main camera that the girls handle. So you transport to person on ground and person that is handled and put on roofs.
Status: Available