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Name: Magic Tea Growth
Studio: HeatherEveZone
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:58
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Jacquelyn Velvets comes home from a fun night out with friends and was dancing and her feet hurt from the heels. Have her take off the dress stockings and heels as normal to just her bra and panties and have her drink the tea. Then Have the stockings drag across the floor slowly heading to her in a first-person view of the stockings heading towards her feet at ground level. Have a shot where we see just her feet as she's lounging on the couch toe spreading and scrunching showing her soles a tad. while she's drinking the tea then cut to her face as she feels an itch looks down and sees they are on the tops of her feet but not all on her yet. Then. She tries to throw them away again but sees that they are liked glued on to her then they cut back to her face with her struggling to take them off then she gasps as they are now fully on her then she stands up and frantically tries to take them off but they don't then her feet begin to move on there own uncontrollably and they start rising I'd like a front view and side view as this slowly happens then cut back to her as she's rising to her tippy toes confused and nervous as to what's going on. Then her heels are back on her. Looks of confusion and starts to question what was in that tea. Then she gasps and feels uncomfortable as somehow a tiny mini skirt appears on her aswell as this styled shirt that I'll put here for reference photos. Then when she thinks it's over she begins to feel weird again a little dizzy and she starts feeling the wired clothes getting tighter. The shirt starts to get tighter and tighter as the sleeves start riding up her arms her boobs begin to get larger in her shirt then she feels her ass getting bigger too, her feet begin to grow as well toes getting longer slowly Inching to the edges of the heels. Then the backs of her heal start to burst out the straps are getting very tight and making her very uncomfortable. Then the heels break and all the straps come apart due to the weight of her feet. The. Then her shirt begins to rip and tear and her boobs get bigger I'd like a shot of her back as the shirt starts ripping apart boobs burst out of the front of it. Then her stockings start Ripping and shredding have a shot the back of both of her legs close together as the nylon starts ripping down her legs. Plenty of other ripping shots then do a whole shot or 2 of her feet ripping out of the stockings. Then her tiny mini skirt starts getting really tight around her waist Then it rides up her ass *shot of it riding up her ass slowly* then Burts off then her braw straps get really tight around her shoulders, shots of them getting tight and showing her shoulders then the bra Flys off then a semi extended scene of her panties slowly getting really tight around her waist slowly getting tight around her ass then her panties ride up her crotch and she then rises to the ceiling begging for this nightmare to end!
Status: Available