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Name: Megan Jones Towers Over the Batman
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:20:01
Size (MB): 946 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Batman enters your lair. You are seated in a sexy bikini. You say I am the one responsible for your missing friends. Some I disposed of and some I have kept as slaves. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with you yet. He didn’t believe you. You say do you think your fate is going to be any different. You are very confident. You stand. His jaw drops to the floor as he looks up, highly aroused. He is only chest height. You say I’m so beautiful yet so tall. In case you are wondering, I stand over 7 feet tall. You were so confident before. Now your tone has changed. You are practically in love with me already, little man. He gets more aroused from the height teasing. You say you love it when I tease you for being so short compared to me, little man. Wow, this is going to be fun. Let me come down to your level. You bend down to look him in the eyes. You say, look how much I have to bend down to look at the tiny little Batman in the eyes. You kiss him, then grab him by the throat with one hand and lift him to eye level with ease. He tries to escape as his feet are dangling in the air. You say how cute you are trying to escape. There is no escaping my grip. I can hold you there forever. Don’t struggle. Give in to your desires. Look deep into my eyes, my little hero. He is quickly mesmerized. You say now you are starting to realize how easy it is for me to make you mine. You kiss him then place him back on the ground. He looks up, pressing his body against yours. You say I decided to seduce you, my little bat. You should be honored. It‘s been a while since I found someone worthy of my seduction. All of your wildest fantasies will come, true little man. You bend down to look him in the eyes. You say I see how much you love that I am so much taller than you. It seems like the great Batman has a fetish for taller women. I will grow nice and slow for you. You will fall deeper in love as I tower over you more and more. I can see the lust in your eyes already, little man. You want me to tower over you more. You want me to overpower and tease you for being so short in comparison to me. Give in to your desires, little man. You kiss him, then stand. You start seductively dancing, then grow. He is stomach height. You tease him with your breasts, You say go-ahead and feel my amazing breasts if you can reach them. He goes on his tiptoes but can’t reach them. You say such a tiny little man. Let me help you out. You bend down and place your breasts on the top of his head from below to arouse him more. You then stand back up. You continue dancing, then grow. He is belly button height looking up as you tease him more with your incredible body. He hugs you. You say such a romantic little superhero let me dance nice and slow with you. You dance extra close and seductively as if he was your little boyfriend. You then grow. He is hip height. You say my legs are the same height as your whole 6’5’’ body. You continue slow dancing with him as he hugs you very tightly and looks up so deep in love. You say I will grow one more time; then, you will experience pleasure beyond belief. You grow. He is thigh height looking up, humping on your legs. You bend down to look him in the eyes. You tease him about how much you have to bend down. You say you love being my little superhero toy. Let me put that body to work, little one. You lift him by the throat with only two fingers to place his legs between your legs. You move crush him with your thighs. You start going faster and faster as he screams your name and how much he loves you while looking deep into your eyes with so much pleasure as you take pleasure in crushing him. You lift him to eye level. You then kiss him, then say, I’m going keep you around as my tiny super slave. You squeeze tighter and say you are mine, little one, as he goes to sleep. Have your face showing from his pov throughout with constant height teasing. He looks deep into your eyes the whole time, even when he has to crane his neck more as you grow taller and taller. He has never met a woman so much taller than him, but he always fantasized about it. He never imagined a woman as gorgeous as you with a body of a supermodel and the strength of 10 superheroes with seductive powers that no man could resist. You are the woman of his dreams. He fell in love at first sight with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, both in person and in his wildest fantasies.

Status: Available