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Name: Shrunk and Tickled
Studio: Shrinking Dreams
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:28
Size (MB): 553 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Part One
Jacquelyn and Vivian are roommates. Jacquelyn is just coming home after a long day at work. She takes off her suit jacket, and goes over to the couch to relax. She's still wearing her pumps, and she puts both legs on the couch. Vivian joins her on the couch, and remarks that she's sure Jacquelyn's feet hurt after being in those pumps all day. Jacquelyn remarks that she doesn't think so, in a timid fashion. Vivian quickly scoots closer to Suzi, and puts both of her feet in her lap. Please see the attached "Couch" and "Couch2" images for references. Vivian slowly pulls off one of Jacquelyn's shoes as she tries to convince her to let her give her a foot massage. Jacquelyn is initially resistant to the idea, but she eventually gives in. After Vivian finally convinces her, she pulls off Jacquelyn's other shoe. Instead of massaging Jacquelyn's feet, Vivian starts to tickle them. She lightly rakes them upward, and back down. Jacquelyn is shocked at Vivian's actions, but she can't hold back her laughter. Vivian then holds one of Jacquelyn's feet as she tickles it with her other hand. Jacquelyn laughs hysterically, but she eventually manages to pull her feet away from Vivian. She picks up her shoes, and walks off in a huff. Vivian remarks to herself that Jacquelyn is just too big for her to tease. She goes over to her purse, and pulls out a shrink ray, remarking that she has just the thing for that.

Part Two
Vivian is wearing a low cut shirt and shorts. She sneaks up on Jacquelyn in a hallway or another room, and shrinks her. Jacquelyn is shocked as she shrinks, Vivian kneels on the floor, and she's looming over Jacquelyn. Vivian remarks that Jacquelyn isn't so big anymore. She also remarks that she's going to have to do something about her outfit. She laughs as she reaches towards a panicking Jacquelyn, and the screen fades out. When the screen fades in, Vivian and Jacquelyn are back in the room with the couch. Vivian has Jacquelyn pinned. Jacquelyn is now only wearing her bra and her skirt. She's barefoot. Vivian remarks that she has Jacquelyn right where she wants her. Jacquelyn tries to tell her to let her go, but Vivian just laughs. She tells Jacquelyn that she can do whatever she wants with her now. She starts tickling Jacquelyn's feet, and she moves on to Jacquelyn's midsection. Jacquelyn can't stop herself from laughing as Vivian tickles her. Vivian changes positions. She starts tickling Jacquelyn's midsection and feet even more. Vivian tells her that she looks so cute as she squirms. She tells her that it's useless to resist, and that she's not going anywhere. Vivian giggles as she tickles Jacquelyn. Vivian eventually stops to let Jacquelyn relax for a bit. Jacquelyn gets up to escape, but she's cornered by Vivian. Vivian tells her to get ready. Vivian takes off her top as she towers of Jacquelyn. Her breasts bounce out. As Vivian finishes taking her shirt off, she remarks that "that's much better!". She shakes her breasts a bit, teasing Jacquelyn. She asks Jacquelyn if she's ever seen tits like this before. She tosses her shirt at Jacquelyn, and she begins to take her shorts off (nothing has to be shown other than her beginning to wiggle them, like she's going to take them off). The view cuts to Jacquelyn. The camera is looking down at her. Vivian's shirt is already on the floor next to her. In this view, Vivian's shorts also land next to Jacquelyn. Vivian is giggling as her shorts land next to Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn looks worried as the camera starts zooming in on her. Vivian remarks that Jacquelyn's fun is just beginning. The screen fades out.
Status: Available