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Name: Brandy and the Tiny Ant Man
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:30
Size (MB): 774 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The clip starts off in a hallway where Brandy is walking towards a tiny woman. Brandy is on the phone with her boyfriend and she tells him how she hates the tiny people that she works with (she is a giantess who fulfills the fantasies of clients to get shrunk and dominated by her). Brandy tells her boyfriend that she just wants to stomp the tiny little fucks or make them live in her giant smelly shoes. She also says to her man that sometimes she wants to make the tiny straight men serve him (clean his shoes and feet, lick his cock and balls). She looks down and sees the tiny woman that went missing a few days ago. She laughs and tells her man that there is a tiny person on the floor in front of her and that it is most likely the missing woman from a few days ago. She picks up the tiny woman and laughs at her, calling her a “piss ant” threatening to either eat her or stomp her with her giant feet. Then she drops the tiny woman to the floor and tells the woman to try and run. The camera then changes to POV and pans up and Brandy steps onto the camera. Also a 3rd person view (far away so you can see Brandy’s whole body) as she stomps her foot onto the tiny plastic figure. She then walks out of the room with a ground shot of her feet walking away.

Next she enters a room and finds a little tiny man (her next client) stuck in gum on a coffee table. She rolls her eyes at him but then puts on a super fake friendly demeanor and asks what his name is. He tell her his name is Aaron. She laughs at him and calls him a little “Little Boy” and that he is now her “tiny ant boy” for the next hour (She can continue to refer to the tiny man as a boy / tiny ant boy for the whole clip). Aaron then tells her that there must have been some mistake, that he had asked for a petit girl with size 5 feet, not Brandy’s giant size 9s. Hearing this, Brandy gets upset and tells to tiny boy that she’s here already and she’s not leaving, not like he can do anything about this and that instead of worshipping a tiny size 5, Aaron is going to get her massive size 9s. She sits down on the couch in front of the coffee table and places her giant feet in front of the tiny ant boy. She orders him to start worshipping and licking her giant feet. Brandy notices that the tiny man has a little boner and laughs at him, saying that he is completely at her mercy. After a minute she picks up the tiny man and starts to lick and suck on him, saying that she’s only doing this since he paid her company. She continues to role-play and humiliate him. Next a 3rd tiny figure (the tiny girlfriend of the man in Brandy’s mouth). Brandy notices this and goes over and picks her up and realizes that this is the girlfriend of the tiny man. Brandy also realizes that no one knows the tiny woman is here, that the tiny woman had shrunk herself to spy on her man. She laughs at the tiny woman mocking her size compared to her and how her boyfriend is in her mouth enjoying himself. She then puts the tiny woman in the gum and forces her to worship her feet while sucking on the tiny man. During this time, she gets a phone call from her company and realizes that the company has no idea she is working with these two clients. She takes the tiny man out and tells them both that no one knows they are here. She decides to keep them as her slaves. She then places the tiny woman in to her shoe telling her that she will serve her giant size 9 forever and that all she will be eating is her toe jam and drinking her foot sweat. She holds Aaron over the opening of the shoe so that he can say bye to his tiny girlfriend. (she puts the shoe on), Next Brandy turns her attention to the tiny man. Telling him that his new life will be to worship her feet, her man’s feet, and also live in her mans underwear. She tells the tiny man that her boyfriend is also a real life giant, huge size 18men’s feet and he is packed. Much more impressive than his tiny little thing. She tells Aaron that he will be spending time both in her shoe, her man’s shoe, and inside her man’s underpants, and his butt, and that she will probably never touch him again. Aaron begs her to not give him to her man but Brandy just laughs at him and tells him to enjoy her man’s toe jam and sweat, just like how his girlfriend is enjoying her toe jam right now. Next Brandy puts the tiny man into her shoe and puts her shoe on and wiggles her toes inside her shoes, telling him that she hopes he’s ready for the double date with her and her giant man tonight. She walks out of the room. Clip Ends.
Status: Available