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Name: Flo gets really big revenge
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:28:25
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: So I was thinking for this new video request of doing a video where Flo from Progressive gets fired and she gets pissed off and grows into a giantess and starts smashing buildings, stomping people, cars, etc in a rage while also having an evil laugh at the destruction, says lines on how people's insurance rates are going to go up, how Progressive is going to go out of business, etc.Scene 1: Miss Vivian dressed in a Flo costume is seen basically getting ready for work in her home. (for my scenes, you don't have to go word for word from my script, ad-lib is fine if you think it would add more) Her phone rings and she answers it. The person on the phone asks her if this is Flo and she says "you know it. What can I do for you? I'm about to head into work" and the person on the phone is Tricia,  the CEO of Progressive She says to Flo "this is Tricia" and Flo says "Oh hey Tricia, CEO of Progressive. how's it going?" and Tricia says "Flo, there's no easy way to say this but you're fired!" Flo naturally being shocked gets a bit teary eyed and says "wait, what? What do you mean fired? What's wrong?" Tricia says to Flo "look Flo, we've been happy having you on board for 11 years now but you got to face facts. You're getting older, the people who need insurance are typically a younger generation, and we love Jaime's work so much that we are promoting him to be our #1 Progressive representative in commercials. We're going to do more with him and his family because that's what America truly wants and needs" Flo says something back "but I have worked for you guys for 11 years. Do you know how much I have sacrificed for you guys?!" Tricia responds with "sorry Flo, but you're out and Jaime is in! Goodbye!" (So I don't know if I need to pay for another actress do the voice of Tricia, or if you know someone that could do the voice, or if you can have Miss Vivian talk and edit her voice so it sounds like a different person speaking to her on the phone. Either way, just let me know) Scene #2 Flo is still at home checking her phone. Flo talks about that she can't believe those bastards fired her. "I've worked for them for years. Stupid Jaime with his stupid personality, stupid beautiful young wife. Grrr!" (again, if you guys wanted to ad-lib some stuff in that you think might make the scene better, feel free too) Flo then looks in a mirror and says "take a deep breath, calm down. Okay, maybe it's not too late for me. I don't look bad at all, really. I love my smile, got it going on here (Flo puts her hands on her boobs and her chest), I'm kind, hilarious. Maybe if I can get myself to look younger, the company will reconsider? But how do I go about doing it? I mean I need to wear my uniform the whole time I'm at work and dressing differently clearly violates the dress code at work. What should i do?" Scene 3: We get a shot of the classic Mega Labs picture from plenty of your videos in the past. The next scene is Flo and you talking. (Flo still wearing her Progressive Costume) You basically play your natural doctor character trying to help a patient out but it goes bad as always lol So in this scene it's you and Flo talking. You say something cheesey like "wow, I can't believe Flo is here! When I heard you needed an appointment, I cancelled 3 appointments just to make sure I got you in! So, what's the problem?" Flo says "well, I got fired from Progressive. I don't know why. I mean, I'm pretty, I got it going on here (Flo flaunts her boobs/figure), I'm kind, funny, and I'm not an idiot. I'm way smart! Did you know that Hexane is 6 carbon chains, is a non-polar solvent and a neurotoxin, and it's boiling point is 154.4 degrees fahrenheit?" You say "yeah, I'm familiar with hexane" and Flo says "Right?! So what's the problem that they don't see in me? Well, anyways they promoted Jaime and I think it's because he has a younger look to him and his family promotes a better younger appearance to the younger people needing insurance out there. I don't know, I just feel really old and I want to look younger to get my job back" You say "well, I have a formula that I have been working on that I have experimented on rats so far. It seems to make them younger, I've noticed that when I used it on some of the older rats, the next day they were acting younger, they were running more, squeaking more, just seemed to have more energy. I mean I don't know how much younger they got, but it seems to work. One side effect though is that they did seem to grow a little bit bigger. I have one that's about half as big as the cage, but for you, the side effect might be maybe just a couple inches taller by my calculations" Flo says "well, if I got a little taller, I wouldn't have to wear heels anymore!" and she laughs. You say to Flo "alright, here's what we'll do. (you hand her a bottle). Now my managers have not let me test this on a human yet, but if it works, imagine how much money we could make? Imagine you representing our company and making way more $ than you ever could with Progressive?" Flo laughs and says "well, if it works and Progressive doesn't hire me back, I could represent you and draw plenty of attention. After all, I'm Flo!" You say "okay, take this bottle home but don't tell anyone on the way out. Just go to the front desk and tell the receptionist to schedule you an appointment for next week and we'll go from there" Flo says "sure, thanks! I'll drink it tonight and hopefully I'll look younger and can get my job back" Scene #4 So we see Flo (still in her Progressive Costume) in her home. She says "well, I hope this works" She drinks the formula and looks in the mirror and says "wow, I think it's working. I'm feeling better already" Naturally here, Flo starts growing with the costume tearing, jewelry like a necklace and/or bracelet breaking, shoes/heels breaking (whichever is easier for you guys to do/less expensive). At first, she only grows maybe a foot taller and Flo says "wow, look at me!" She admires her new body and height "I'm definitely going to get my job back now! This is great!" I'll just grab my phone to call Tricia back and..." She drops her phone and Flo starts growing even bigger, tearing more of her costume and shoes/heels, and eventually bursting out of them and being naked (pasties and thong is fine, or preferably for the growth scene Miss Vivian just holds her hand over her private section" I was wondering for the growth scenes if Miss Vivian could make some sexual/pleasure moans during the process? Eventually Flo grows through the ceiling and I was wondering if you could do some fx editing of her growing through a second floor right through someone's apartment and then she bursts out of the apartment building she is in? Scene #5 We see Flo now as a 50ft giantess standing in the middle of a city nude (pasties and a thong is fine). She first freaks out "oh no! What happened? I thought this was supposed to make me younger?! I'm not only younger but I'm huge! " Flo gets a little angry "This is all that doctor's fault! I should go find him!" Flo then takes a deep breath and says "no no, this isn't his fault. He was just trying to help. He's a good guy. He's like the double bond that hexane needs to form hexene. I can't get mad at him. This is that bitch Tricia's fault! If she didn't fire me, then none of this would have ever happened! It's time I go pay them a visit!" as she laughs in an evil laugh. So from here, can you do Flo walking the city streets crushing some people, crushing a few cars til she gets outside of a building. "there it is! Office headquarters" as she laughs evilly. Flo reaches her hand through the building and grabs the woman? She then says "Hey Tricia, remember me? Do I look young enough to be your #1 representative now?" she laughs evilly, toying with her for a few seconds. "Oh what's that? You'll hire me back and give me a raise? Gee, that's sweet of you but I've already broken through the ceiling and I'm still reaching my potential" After she says this, can you have her grow a little bit bigger? Flo then eats Tricia. She then starts destroying the office building, laughing and saying lines like "I'm sorry. But don't worry, I'm sure your insurance will cover it" as she laughs evilly and destroys the building. Flo then starts getting shot at by cops and then by a few planes, but she destroys them. Can you have her eat a few people off the street and have her grow a little bigger after she eats them? After this, she says "hey, Jaime lives close by here. I should go pay him a visit!" We then get Flo walking through the city stomping some more people and a car along the way. Can you do some scenes of her crushing people with her boobs and her butt? She goes to another building and reaches her arm through the building and grabs a man who represents Jaime. "Hey Jaime. Congrats on your promotion. The only thing about your promotion is that it just got cancelled. Now I'm the younger one that the company wants to represent them. And you..." she eats him. "you're just a delicious snack now" as she laughs evilly. Flo gets shot at by more cops and gets mad and smashes them. "You know what, I've had it with this town. I'm their insurance representative and all they do is shoot at me. I think it's time for this town to really pay their insurance premiums. I'll just get some help from my new employer." We see Flo head over to Mega Labs and punch down through the building, and she sees Gary's laboratory and say "this should do the trick" We see Flo drink more growth potion and she grows and grows bigger (please add in some sexual moans/groans from Miss Vivian during the growth process) than the entire city and she steps on the entire city and crushes it. She laughs evilly and says "you know what, I feel great. I got revenge on my boss, I have a new employer, and I'm just as beautiful as ever. (Miss Vivian rubs her hands on her body) People will still know me and things are only going to look up from here" She starts to grow bigger again as the video fades and ends.
Status: Available