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Name: Daniel the Little Gift POV
Studio: Giantess Crossing
Price: $ 19.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:24:31
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 0x0
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Daniel has shrunk and sent himself to me as a gift

I relax at home and have just received a gift from my friend Daniel, that I’ve known for years. Opening it up, I see a super tiny half inch man and a note. In the note, it says that he is giving himself to me as a gift and that he’s always been attracted to me. He is so small though, I didn’t even realize that it was him at first.

I’m completely flattered at such a gift, but I just don’t understand how Daniel thought this was going to go. He is so incredibly tiny, what should I even do with him? The slightest thing could easily crush him into nothing. In fact, I’m not even sure I want to “keep him” at all. As I start to explain this to him, I can hear him whimpering, so I try to soothe him by mashing him into my breasts to hug him while having the conversation above.

That was a stupid idea of Daniel. I ask him, if he did mean to make himself this small, but he didn’t. He better should have bought me some jewelry or something else instead.

I decide that I won’t get rid of him for the moment, but first I have to see what I can use him for. I have three ideas. I could use him as a piece of jewelry, a slave, or a stress toy.

Breast smother

I decide to see if he could be a piece of jewelry first. Putting him back in my cleavage, I walk around a little bit. At first I start to think this could work out, it would be kind of cool having a living piece of jewelry. I notice though that Daniel is starting to suffocate and get crushed so I pull him out, a bit frustrated. This isn’t going to work.

Foot Worship

Next I decide to see if he’d make a good slave. I lay back and put my bare feet out at him and tell him he has to lick, kiss, and massage my feet. As he does this, I go over all the ways he could be my slave, eating from my toes, having to live in my shoe, putting him in my underwear and having him lick from the inside of that. This could totally work, he could make a good slave. I start to realize that he’s so tiny I can barely feel him. I get mad and start to demean and humiliate him for how worthless he is. As I’m saying this, I start to step on him a little and notice that I’ve almost knocked him out. What a waste. Even more angry and frustrated, I grab Daniel again. He won’t be able to be a good slave either.

Butt Crushes

A little stress toy could be fun, but I realize, that I couldn’t do it in a conventional way. If I use my hands or feet to mash him up, he’d just get squished immediately. As friends, I knew that he had a thing for my ass, so I have an idea. Putting him on a soft surface, I decide to sit on him as hard as I can, over and over again. I stop every so often and check on him. The soft surface seems to be cushioning my blows. He seems okay, initially. As I do this, I think this one might work too… this might work out really well. All those stressful days and I’d have a nice little seat cushion to keep my company. I get really rough with him though and then I realize that I partially crushed him a little bit. I stop and look at him surprised. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain. I realize this won’t work either… I have no choice. I’ll just have to get rid of him.

I think loud about a few ways to get rid of him, while pointing out that he’s already partially crushed anyway, so I’m not even sure he’ll live, even if I did want to keep him. I say that I will miss my friend Daniel, but I’m also disappointed, that I’ve broke my gift. I go through a few ideas (swallowing him, smashing him with my breasts, stepping on him), before I decide to butt crush him (SFX scene).

POV Giantess Clip

This clip was a giantess clip with a very detailed script, as you can read above. You’ll love this giantess POV clip, if you have ever dreamed of being used by a giantess in many different ways. It includes Breast Smother, Foot Worshipping, Giantess stepping on you, Panty Entrapment and many fast Butt Crushes. All scenes are in POV style and the last butt crush as an SFX.

Relating to the customer it was one of the best custom clips he has ever got. Thank you, Daniel. ;-)
Status: Available