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Name: Shrunken Husband & Maternal Wife VR360 5.7k
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:16
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 5760 x 2880
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The idea is that I am Sahrye's husband but I got the shrinking virus. Sahrye is a sweet and loving wife but has always wanted a small person to care for. They just found out they can't have offspring and since then their relationship has suffered. Now that her husband is shrunk it's the closest thing to an offspring she will get. Someone to smother and take care of and someone who can never leave who needs constant care. She wants her husband to be happy and wants to show him there will be benefits like all the feet he wants and being smothered in-between her breasts. She loves the idea that there is really nothing he can do now. The idea is she is super caring and also some dirty talk when talking about sliding her in her shoe and how I (the husband) will be cumming day and night if I'm a good boy. Kinda like cutesy talk. Sahrye walks in from the door from work. Honey I'm home. She starts looking around. David, I'm home where are you. She sees the pile of clothes on the floor... what the heck. She looks and sees me shrunk on the ground.. David is that you... what the hell. She bends over looking down at me. Cleavage popping out. ooooo honey it is you. She picks me up... OOO my god David you're 6 inches tall... you must have gotten the shrinking virus.. Sahrye inspects me..wow I've only heard about this virus but it shrunk everything, look how small your penis is now... Sahyre tickles where the penis would be. hahaha... From what I've read about this virus they say it's permeant....oo honey are you crying...you are shaking and you seem cold.... it's gonna be ok.... I'm here now. Let me warm you up... Sahrye sits down on the couch and puts me in-between her breasts. The view is that breasts are both slides and Im looking up at her and she is looking down at me. I know the 360 camera gets all angles I just want to make sure I get a clear shot of her face. Is that better sweetie... David, you always loved my breasts now they are huge... I bet you love this... you smile looking down on me... awe look at you hugging on my breasts... You continue to smile...Its weird seeing you soo small, so vulnerable...You were always soo commanding and so much bigger than me... now look at you...I can fit you in-between my tits...you are helpless without me... You are almost as helpless as a bundle of joy. you give a big smile.. you are like a tot....... David this could be the solution to the not having offspring problem. You could be the sweetie pie I've always wanted... Why are you shaking your head no.... It's cute to think you even have a say... Look you are tiny now, you need me, you can't really do anything.... you can't even get out my breasts.. Oooooo ya thats a good boy..... you make him rub both your feet, being playful with me. you are soo tiny son be a good boy and get both those hands between my toes. awe yes it feels better than I thought. Here get the other foot.... awe... yes honey you are doing so good. You look down ooo wow looks like someone is enjoying this.... you have a little boner.... why don't you start kissing my's feet now.. you brush your toes past and make me kiss some... I wonder if I can fit one of my toes in your little mouth...you try and laugh as you try..... ok enough teasing you.... I'm not a cruel mother.... I want you to jerk off for my feet. I know you love my feet so show me. You start telling me how great this is for me and saying stuff like you like being so close to my feet. I am going to keep you by my feet all day. You can slide your dick in between my toes and sometimes I will put you in my shoes and bring you to work.... No will know you are sliding back and forth in-shoe... I will scrunch my toes around you until you cum.... Ill have you bumming all day.... And after your done Im gonna drop you into my panties and you have to make my cum.... it's only fare..... you need to take care of me too.... Look at you, you are close to cumming aren't you.. That's right just look at these feet and these toes. You want to be pressed against them dont you.. Are you ready to cum?? Don't do it yet... Sahyre is going to count you down... You move your feet to where the arches are open and your feet are kinda laying down on either side on the camera. Like if you put your feet together you could totally engulf me and smoosh me between both feet. I don't want your feet that close but somewhat close. (hopefully, this describes how I want your feet). Look honey you are surrounded by my feet... You look up and can see me your goddess looking down on you.... its time for your countdown. 5. Don’t act like you don’t love this… Besides, you wanna be surrounded be Sahyre's toes don't you... come on little man..... you wanna be pressed in between my toes until you cum…. 4. Your new life will be at or under my feet at all times... Even when I go to bed and Im gonna put those thick socks on and put you in there. My feet will sweat at night so you are just gonna be trapped against my foot.. soaking wet... sliding around.. you could go ahead and fuck my foot, I wouldn’t feel it 3. Don't fight this David you want to be small forever…. Just cum for Sahyre and show me 2….hahaha Say yes Sahyre I love you… say it…. 1… Now say I'm cumming…. Come on cum for your goddess and be mine…… 0… (pampering talk) ooooo that’s right my little pet…. You are all mine now. You say ok honey... Sahyre keeps her word. Time to go in Sahyre's shoe or boot or whatever you got. I just want it where you can see the opening of the shoe and you looking down into it... you pick me up and put me in the shoe. You look down and say hope you like this honey because this is your life now.... You smile down at me... this is the best thing that could ever happen to us... You rest your toes on the ridge of the shoe opening...I think Im gonna go shopping.. or maybe grab a bite to eat. and you know what need from you.... I need you to cum at least twice in there.... I'm not wearing any socks, I'm just gonna slide my barefoot in there.... you are going to slide back and forth naked... trapped inside.... You wiggle your toes.... you are already hard again.... hahaha... I knew you loved this.... start jerking.... stand up and look down into the shoe...... you raise up your foot.... come on honey cum for Sahry's before her foot reaches you.... you slowly lower your foot down into the shoe teasing me and telling me how tiny I am. How soft your toes are.... You lower it down for about 1 min .... and say here my foot come.. cum for Sahyre as your slide your foot against the camera. End of custom.

PS: VR 360 5.7k 30fps h264

These are the best setting that the Oculus Quest 1 and GO can play and that is what I use as my least common denominator when rendering VR clips  
Status: Available