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Name: SyeniteZilla has to be Careful what she eats
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:25:12
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Description (Not necessarily in the order in the Video)

a car pile up and you see Syenite’s giant feet step in front of them. Syenite starts laughing saying, “It’s Giant Time.” Syenite talks about how fun it is to be a giant and how Syenite is so gigantic compared to the city. Syenite can’t decide which name they like to be called, either Queen kong or SyeniteZilla. Syenite can improvise the rest of syenite's dialogue and say whatever they want. Syenite pulls up to a building, squats down, and grabs it with both hands. They peek inside and sees her Ex, who Syenite despises. They bite off the rooftop of the building and sticks their giant hand inside, and finally pluck their tiny Ex out. Syenite taunts her for how tiny she is before eating her.

Syenite stomps around in the city until a helicopter shows up. Syenite needs heavy “firepower” and so they grab a water tower from a nearby building, start drinking all of its contents, and unleash several giant burps to destroy the helicopter. SyeniteZilla casually continues walking, oblivious and unbothered to what they are stepping on with Syenite's giant feet.

SyeniteZilla decides to sit down, They grab a few cars and noms on them to see how they taste. While Syenite was crunching on a car, the army shows up attempting to shoot Syenite. Syenite looks down at them pissed and decides to show them some explosives of their own. They squat down above the army and unleashed a giant orgasm of farts on them while moaning in satisfaction.

All of this destruction is making Queen Kong horny, so Syenite goes out to find something “BIG” to satisfy their urges. But what can satisfy a Giant, Syenite wonders? They pick up a car and rub it on their ass, but it's still not enough. Syenite gets more cars and puts them in the front, but still nothing. Syenite ends up grinding their giant ass on building, destroying it in the process, and finally having an orgasm, while moaning very loud. Syenite lays down huffing and puffing from exhaustion when all of a sudden their stomach rumbles crazy causing some shakes in the city.

Syenite puts a concerned look on their face, which can only mean one thing: Syenite has to take a giant dump. The next scene cuts to Syenite stomping down in a hurry, not caring what they step on, and all while looking for a “big” building to do their business. Finally finds it and slams their giant ass on top finally unleashing a giant dump in satisfaction, clip ends with Queen Kong roaring in satisfaction and suggesting Tokyo will be the next city to attack. Syenite leaves the city satisfied in the destruction.

Keywords: giantess , sfx , booms , shakes , pov , vore , feet , crush , building destroy , ass , farts
Status: Available