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Name: Little Did You Know
Studio: Fetishland Studios
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:17
Size (MB): 977 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Nadia is holding her shrunken man in her hands. She is scolding him for breaking all her pumpkins, but she is an actual witch. Nadia tells him that he wont be enjoying much of anything anymore and he should have listened to the other neighbors. Nadia tells him there is no escape and he is going to do everything she wants him to do. She wants to know if you want to trick or treat, and she doesn't have any treats. So all he is getting is tricks. Nadia goes to smother him with her breast and laughs. Nadia lets him know that he wont be escaping his punishment. She wants to hang him up as decorations and tells him all his friends would be taking pictures and laughing. Nadia goes to smother him under her giant ass. She tells him not to get lost in there. Nadia comes up to let him get a little air. Nadia tells him witch's like the taste of little ones. She wants to show him what is really scary, her big smell feet. She puts her feet all on him and doesn't want to give him a break. She wonders if anyone is even missing someone like him. Nadia tells him he should just be a ghost and finish him off. Nadia tells him he is nothing and everyone wouldn't even miss him. Nadia is thinking about eating him up, but she just doesn't know yet. But she knows she has to tenderize him first. Nadia was really hurt by what he had done, so now she feels like she has to hurt him. He's going to be served piping hot and crispy. Table for one.
Status: Available