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Name: Late For Man-Eater Club - 4kVR
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:44
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 1920
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Edyn has just returned from the gym after a long work out with her recently assigned foot slave still trapped beneath her sweaty toes. She stretches and slowly peels off her sweaty gym clothes, paying no attention to the shrunken man on her night stand. After all, Edyn is a Goddess with shrunken slaves stored all over her home, waiting to be used however she see's fit. You watch as Edyn removes the shoe with a slave in it, she laughs as the ties the top of the shoe shut, sealing the little man inside. Eventually Edyn begins to walk away in search of food when she stops, realizing she has something great to eat on her night stand! She quickly scoops you up and the fun begins. "I love the taste of your fear," she says, licking you over and over again while describing what being her food will be like for you. She gives you a nice look at her sexy tummy, which you will soon be filling up and her big, juicy booty, which is where your digested proteins will mostly end up. She worked her legs and glutes pretty hard at the gym so once her body finishes digesting you, what's left feed her growing muscles. Doesn't that make you happy, to know that you'll be serving such an important purpose? She could always just cook some eggs, but eating you would be so much easier and much more enjoyable for her!

As much as Edyn enjoys playing with you and savoring your taste, her body needs fuel. Before long you're inside her mouth, being coated in her saliva and slowly working your way towards the back of her throat. Her lips close behind you and soon you feel yourself pulled down into a dark abyss. From inside her stomach you can watch and listen as Edyn swallows you down, her belly expanding as it takes you in. She can feel little flutters as you try to move, but the walls of her stomach grip you tight and slowly begin the work of digesting you alive. Content from a full belly and exhausted from her work out Edyn nearly falls resting, but then she remembers she's meeting the other girls from her man-eater club! Every week or so her and her friends get together, each with a full, still squirming belly for drinks or coffee. Edyn nearly forgot and she quickly races off to shower. When she's finished you're treated to a final scene as Edyn gets dressed to meet her friends. She mentions how nice it is that the fabric of the dress completely hides her full belly, no one except her and her friends will ever know that you're trapped inside being slowly digested...

*3 1/2 minutes of Edyn stretching and not noticing you, 5 minutes of handheld interaction and mouth play, and 5 minutes of 3rd person scenes from inside her stomach
Status: Available