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Name: Goddess Holly: Vore Experiment #3
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 17.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:18:30
Size (MB): 967 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Goddess Holly is back again, still determined to find a way to keep a tiny camera person alive inside Her long enough to make a great vore video! "So you know the deal, I'm going to swallow you whole" Holly says as She, staring at you as She holds you in Her giant hand. As you watch Holly pops a couple of antacids into her mouth, chews them up, and gulps them down with plenty of water. The water might help dilute Her stomach acids, but the Vaseline she smeared all over you should also help keep you safe for awhile! Holly can tell that you're excited and She graciously lets you see Her belly from the outside before she swallows you alive!

After Holly eats Her tiny camera person She gets on cam and show's off Her now almost full stomach. "Oh I feel him squirming!" She playfully pokes at Her belly while She waits for the texts and footage. "He's really excited... oh... Well," Holly says, obviously irritated with Her camera person. "He started jerking it without my permission... I'm not sure how I feel about that." On the one hand, the tiny guy and everything inside of him is going to be digested anyway, but he should really ask permission before jerking off inside someone's stomach! "He wants to know if I can feel him moving around... He's asking if he's filling me up... Oh you horny little vore guys!" When he has the nerve to ask if She will let him out after 20 minutes Holly quickly texts back. "No! That's not the deal! You're my camera person AND my food!"

To teach this little guy his place in life Holly decides to make Her stomach so full he can't possibly move! "So now I'm gonna eat this bagel... I don't want him to move anymore and jerk off if he's not gonna do what I want... and hopefully he'll digest with blueballs!" The rest of Holly's vlog is a tale of slow digestion for Her little helper! How long will he survive in Holly's digestive tract? Does Holly really just think of Her tiny volunteers as nothing more than food? Will this tiny man's nutrients go straight to Holly's glorious ass? Yes they will.
Status: Available