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Name: Adams Crucifixtion 2 - Detention
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:27
Size (MB): 420 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This was a custom request. - I have a new idea for a video this time it involves Kerri Taylor. I am interested in a video that is strictly 100% sfx giantess material. The scenario involves Kerri who is a teacher shrinking a nerdy guy in her class who she knows has a foot fetish down to 1 cm tall.(So Basically the guy is micro). The video starts with her coming home and taking the guy out of her purse and placing him on the table where she begins to humiliate him with her feet. I want the video to be 100% feet oriented and I want little to no pov scenes the more sfx the better. She later places him on the floor and gives him multiple views of her feet as he worships them, during this scene i want the camera to show multiple angles of the tiny dude worshipping different parts of her feet.(underneath toes, heels, under the arch, etc) Most importantly I want the video to end in a way where kerri tries to crush the tiny under her big toe(camera angle to the side of her feet NOT FRONT! and her whole foot visible not just toes) and sees that he is not dying this way so she decides to place her heel over the tiny dude and slowly crushes him into a bloody pulp that way( camera angle pointing at both side of her feet and back, both close up and whole foot visible crush scenes). And the last scene could be sorta like the ending you did in Adams crucifixion where after she crushes him with her heel she lifts her heel off the ground and we see the squished body on her heel. Although her character is a teacher I prefer her to be dressed casual i prefer black yoga pants and a regular top with her hair down and light make up.
Status: Available