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Name: Zoey in This world is ours now
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:22:54
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Zoey has a boyfriend who treats her like a goddess and they both dream of Zoey growing into a real, gigantic goddess and conquering cities and even countries below her. Her boyfriend manages to work on top secret government projects and finds the answer to enormous growth. Her boyfriend secretly gives her the secret to growing massive. That can be a back story or potentially a very brief POV scene at the beginning. After growing enormous with city skyscrapers at her feet, Zoey looks for her boyfriend. She finds him, but can barely see him due to his tiny size. She smiles and talks about how cute he is, but asks for him to grow slightly just so she can love and protect him. He grows slightly to about the size of the small plastic people in the standard city sized videos. She picks him up in her hands kissing his tiny body saying things like "Awwwwww, you're so tiny and cute!", "I love you so much!". Meanwhile she's laying down over miles of territory accidentally crushing farms and towns saying things like "Oopsie" and exclaiming how cute the tiny cities and little screaming people are all running in the tiny city streets. At this time Zoey exclaims how growing so large has made her incredibly hungry. She lays her beautiful face with her cheek down in front of a city with her boyfriend in her hand, giggling that her breasts and even the cheek of her face crushed entire towns and suburbs. She smiles as she licks her lips before saying "You're so cute, I can eat you all up!". She places her boyfriend on the ground in front of her face as she pulls out her tongue and locks up tens of thousands of tiny screaming people from the city streets. She continues licking up thousands of people exclaiming "Mmmmmmm... so yammy!" She walks her fingertips through city streets chasing people and police while crushing them under her fingertips. She occasionally licks her fingertips so hundreds will stick so she can lock them all alive into her mouth. She periodically kisses her boyfriend exclaiming how happy she is to be so gigantic. She then crushes the rest of the city under her hands before picking up her boyfriend and going to the next city. She steps on skyscrapers and entire towns while she talks about how wonderful it is to feel buildings and people squish under her bare feet. She even crushes an entire city under her breasts, giggling as she grinds everything under her as she has her boyfriend kiss her. Then the military comes, the Air Force annoys Zoey first as she swats at them. She notices they're targeting her boyfriend who she kisses and places in her breasts for safety saying "Don't worry my tiny cutie, I'll keep you safe". She catches some crushing tiny jets. She notices a plane dropping paratroopers and quickly opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue as she giggles feeling hundreds of tiny soldiers land on her tongue before swallowing them. Then the Army brings entire armies of tanks who she mocks while giggling before devouring most of them and crushing some stragglers under her hands and breasts. Lastly she notices the Navy along a coastline and exclaims "Perfect timing, I'm so thirsty". She lowers her head sucking and slurping the water along with entire fleets even making remarks of the thousands of tiny sailors jumping ship trying to swim away before slurping them all into her mouth. She keeps the last bit of military on her tongue in her mouth as she takes her boyfriend out of her breasts. "I told you I would keep you safe!", "I love you so much!", then "I kept some screaming soldiers in mouth, can you hear them as I kiss you?". She continues kissing him before swallowing them alive. She even gets some stuck in her teeth as she giggles "Some are stuck in between my teeth" as she opens her mouth visibly trying to lick them out. She asks her boyfriend to help her as she raises him to her teeth so he can pull them out of her teeth and drop them on her tongue. She swallows, "Mmmm... such a good tiny boy!" before kissing him. She walks around crushing some people and cities, occasionally picking up more people to eat them before finally holding her boyfriend in her hand walking off saying "The world is ours now!"
Status: Available