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Name: Farts And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:18:52
Size (MB): 567 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Custom Request:
Details: The movie starts with both models admiring the fact they are wearing form-fitting clothing and stating how easy it is to move in. They recognize how big they are and seek to destroy the cities around them. The ladies are fighting for the environment, getting their revenge on the cities for causing pollution and damaging the world. Nadia suggests to get them back by polluting on the cities. Lydia says, “your skyscrapers are nothing, they barely rise to our ankles and you are no match for us. I am in total control of your destiny” They both laugh mercilessly. The ladies walk around the cities, kneel down around them and taunt them.

City 1. Nadia and Lydia stand with hands on their hips examining the first city. They both taunt it. Nadia points out all the tall skyscrapers, “wow, there are a lot of tall buildings here! It must cost a lot of electricity to run them every day. What a waste of resources! Look at how ugly they look. I mean, they aren't even all the same. Lydia, let's crush this into the ground!” She mentions the cities must pollute a lot of toxic gases to generate electricity for daily operation and she tired of smelling all of it. Lydia agrees that it stinks, “let's do something about it, babe. It's not like it can stop us. It's a puny little city that, once it meets us, it will never pollute again. I have an idea. Let's see how it likes my gas.” Lydia stands over the city and squats over it. Lydia farts on it and says, “Ahhhh! That feels great.” Lydia looks back on the city, “Look! I see all the people passing out. Ha ha!” Nadia then says, “Look, some of the paint fell off the buildings. Ha, Lydia, your farts could melt all these buildings. This is a great weapon!” They both laugh. Lydia stands back up, and rips one of the buildings off, and tosses it away. Nadia then crushes a building with her fist. Lydia and Nadia take turns crushing the rest of the city with their hands and fists. With each building they destroy, the ladies complain about a big box store they shop at. They stomp on the ruins of the crushed buildings and walk to the next city.

City 2. Nadia and Lydia both mock city, saying how much money the companies will lose once it is all in rubble. Nadia says, “Your money cannot come to your rescue here! It is us who will be rich. The environment will prevail! I hope all the CEOs are watching us annihilate their headquarters!” Lydia says, “Better yet, I hope they are here.” Nadia says, “Lydia, let's do our thing, stink it up.” Lydia and Nadia both squat over the city and fart again. They laugh and say, “Ha ha! Whew it stinks! I hope those CEOs are smelling how bad this gas is. Don't mess with us!” Both cough and hold their noses. Nadia looks down at the city and says, “I see everyone evacuating, what a pretty sight. Okay, it's time to cause massive destruction. Lydia, you've got hot boobs hiding in that bra. How about we crush this city with our boobs!” Lydia gets down and smashes half the city with her boobs, commenting how her sports bra is an excellet tool for crushing buildings. Nadia follows suit for the other half, and she smiles as she does so. They combine for a final boob crush on the ruins, laughing and pointing at the destroyed city.

City 3. “This is becoming real easy,” says Lydia. “We are invincible. This country with all these cities is pathetic.” Nadia says, “Hmm. This city is interesting. There are a few different buildings with it. I see the skyscrapers like usual, but there's like sports stadiums over there.” Lydia says, “Yeah I see them, too. What a waste they are! All they do is create waste. I want us to crush them! I'll take 1 and you can have the other 2.” Nadia goes over to Stadium #1 and says, “Down with all your waste you greedy people” and she smashes it with her boobs. It's Lydia's turn. She studies Stadium #2, and asks Nadia, “Hmm, babe, how should I destroy it?” Nadia says, “Sit on it! I want to see you use that ass of yours. Those leggings make it look great! Now I want to see you use it.” Lydia says, “Perfect! I guess I can sit on this putrid thing. It does kind of look like a toilet, ha ha. I'll pretend to use it.” Lydia pulls down her leggings and smashes the stadium with her butt wearing the thong. She looks back at the ruins and says, “Oops. Looks like I forgot to wipe and flush, ha ha!” Nadia says, “I'm going to butt crush the last stadium, too. It will never survive. My butt is so wide and massive, nothing can stop it!” Nadia crushes Stadium #3 with her butt. “That was great,” says Lydia to Nadia. Let's get at this city! Nadia says, “Hey, wouldn't it be fun to split this city up? I take half, you take half. Then we can each destroy half.” Lydia and Nadia each pull half of the buildings out of the ground with their hands, and place them on each side of where the city was. Nadia squats over her half of the city, while Lydia says, “Nadia, your butt is massive! It is so much bigger than the city! Crush it.” Nadia crushes her half. Lydia proceeds to follow the same. She has her hands on her hips, hovers over he city like Cali Logan does in MASSIVE: Goddess of Catastrophe, while she says, “I'm going to crush you with my huge butt!” and she proceeds to crush the entire city by sitting on it. Whatever buildings are left she squashes again with her butt. Meanwhile, Nadia points and laughs. Lydia then smells the ruins and goes, “peeee ewww, those companies really do stink!!”

Cities 4 and 5. The final two cities are arranged so they are next to each other. Nadia and Lydia each destroy one city at the same time. Lydia removes her leggings. Nadia and Lydia both hover over their cities and crush them with their butts in thongs. Whatever ruins are left, the girls crush them with their boobs. The girls then stomp on the ruins as the clip ends.

I included a version that does nto have fart sounds since I know some people do not like that and it was easy to include a non fart sound version. When you buy in this store you get both Versions available to download.
Status: Available