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Name: Vonka Snack on tiny people while holding in pee
Studio: VoreStore
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:18
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene one.
It’s after midnight and she's in bed, she has to go to the bathroom but she wants a midnight snack first, so she has a box of shrunken people, then she eats them one at a time, please show her mouth up close as she eats them. Then she goes back to sleep so she can have them again in the morning for Breakfast. ‘’Yawn, I gotta go pee, but i think ill have a midnight snack before I go pee, gonna eat some tasty shrunken victims, haha’’
’Hello my shrunken little victims, so It’s after midnight and i had to get up to go pee, but I think I want a little midnight snack first, so who’s going to be the lucky ones to join me? Haha, I’m so bad” ‘’Mmmm you look so tasty, are you scared? You look like your gonna pee yourself, haha , I know I still have to pee but I’m gonna eat you guys first haha’’ ‘’Ahh do you want your mommy? Haha, what’s that? You have to go pee? That’s too bad so do i but you don’t see me crying, haha, down the hatch you go’’ ‘’Mmmm look at you on my tongue, haha. Gulp, mmmm so good i love being a giantess, i get to eat tiny people whenever i want cause I’m evil and cruel haha’’
’We’ll your friends were so very tasty, and guess what? I’m going to enjoy eating the rest of you tomorrow for breakfast, you’ll go great with my cereal, haha, just don’t pee in it, haha, well sleep tight, I know i will haha.’’ ‘’Ok, well I’m gonna go pee now, then going back to bed, good night my tasty little victims, i cant wait to eat the rest of you tomorrow’’

Scene two.
She wakes up in the morning excited to have breakfast. She prepares a bowl of cereal then dumps the remaining shrunken victims in the cereal then eat them.
’That was a great night sleep, I guess I needed that midnight snack, haha, ohh now it’s breakfast time, ohh I’m so excited, I better go wake up my tasty little victims, haha’’
‘’We’ll good morning my little pee pee pants victims, haha had a good night sleep? I did, haha, hey guess what time it is, it’s breakfast time, and you get to join me just like I promised, haha’’
‘’Alright let’s have some cereal and shrunken pee pee pants victims, haha’’ ‘’Ohh are you scared? Just don’t pee in my cereal, I’d be very upset if someone peed in my cereal, haha I just love saying the word pee, its my favorite word’’ ‘’That’s right don’t pee in my cereal little boy, haha ready to go in?’’ "there you are , gotcha , haha, you can't escape from your fate, haha" ‘’Mmmmm that was so good, lets see how many more are left in the box, ohhh poop it’s almost empty, well I guess I should go out and get some more victims to shrink and eat, haha, ill be back soon’’
Status: Available