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Name: Giantess Brandy and her tiny feet and Vore Slaves FX
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:39
Size (MB): 558 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I was wondering if I could get a clip with Brandy. What I want is a scenario in which tiny people are trapped in a lounge room with a single big comfy seat in the middle. I want the giantess wearing a tight shirt that shows off her stomach, knee length yoga pants and casual flip flops. I want to see a clip in which the giantess enters with very HEAVY sounding footsteps and ground shake and rumbles also coming from her stomach, the giantess is grinning and rubbing her belly claiming she just ate quite the meal and was certain a few little ones got stuck in it. She proceeds to walk to the chair, and her belly is sloshing as she rubs it. I want her voice to sound booming and deeper like she is enormous. she sits down on the chair and pats her stomach saying out loud as she wants to get more comfortable, wiggling her toes and tapping her feet to make everything shake as she decides she wants a foot massage. scooping up the little ones on the ground she puts some on a table in front of her and drops her feet on the table, crossing and uncrossing them and wiggling her toes laughing the whole time, if I could get more shots from the perspective of the tiny ones listening to her booming deep voice is a bonus for me. she then drops the rest of the tiny people onto her stomach claiming they can have a listen to her digest. the zoom in on her stomach would show the little people near her stomach and getting shaken by her rumbles and even worse by her laughing. After claiming the people are too small to do anything for her she picks them all up and claims there is always room for more tinies in her belly. the video ends with an extreme pov from directly under her belly at her waist as she takes deep breaths to really push out her belly and loud rumbles as the little ones digest.

Status: Available