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Name: Vonka kissing Shrinks you until you are helpless
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 8.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:19
Size (MB): 512 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The idea would be a POV Kissing Shrinking clip with her kissing and shrinking "me" down to various heights until I end up down on the floor at her feet The story of the scenario is basically her taking control of me. Acting very dominant towards me, as she acted in the Kissing Growth clip you made with me. Her 'knowing' exactly what I want. That I feel so small and powerless. That what I want is a tall, powerful woman to wrap her arms around me and just take control. Her putting her arms around "me" and asking if that's what I want. If I want her to take control. If I want to belong to her. But deciding for me, knowing that of course, i do. She kisses me shrinking me a bit. Each phase her making me feel smaller and knowing that I like seeing her seeming bigger. Being such a powerful woman that can keep me safe, teasing and asking if I want more if I want to be even smaller and see her even bigger and stronger, getting me to kiss her again and again as I get smaller and smaller. Her slowly getting towards the mentality of me being something that belongs to her and now that I am all hers, she will never let me go. Her knowing it sounds crazy, but tells me that's exactly what I want, isn't it? You can be creative in the different levels, but I would like at least a level with me looking up right below her belly and floor level at her feet. With her teasing at how small I am down there, hovering her bare foot over me , making me get under it and kiss it in appreciation. And finally, she picks me up and brings me to her face. Telling me what a good boy I am for doing what I’m told. She has me give her a kiss and tell her that I love her. Teasing a bit wanting me to say it again. (You don’t actually need anyone verbally saying it in the clip). The clip ending as she smiles at hearing it and tells me one last time that I am hers, and she will protect me in all the ways I need. After all, now that I’m so small and weak, I need her and she will never let me go. I am all hers, forever.

Keywords: vonka , kissing , pov , shrinking
Status: Available