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Name: Vika gets a new foot worshipper
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:18:52
Size (MB): 836 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: She finds a tiny little man (smallest tiny figure you have) in her domain and she picks him up bringing him to her mouth with a close-up shot of him super close to her mouth while she asks in a loud and commanding voice what a tiny like him would be doing in her home and that just her loud voice would be enough to end him if she wanted and to speak before she decides to destroy him. He says he came to her home because he, John, sees her as not just a goddess, but the one true and only God, his reason for being and wants to live in and under her godly toes to give meaning to his pitiful existence (she'd repeat what he says in that same loud voice for the viewer to hear too). With him still close to her mouth she laughs in that same loud voice and commends his devotion to the truth of this world in that she is the god and ruler of it and so allows him his wish and uses her omnipotent power via a deep breath over him to gain immortality so he can properly devote himself to her forever and allows him to worship the tops, bottoms and in-betweens of each toe on both feet (rub the tiny figure all over your toes getting in-between them as well and tease the tiny man by using dialogue about you being his god and how powerful and giant you are). After feeling like he's done a thorough job, she brings him back up to her face up close to her mouth like before and in the same loud voice tells him she is pleased with the job he's done so far and now needs him to get under each toenail and to lick the toejam away from under them and proceeds to use him for it (going from pinky toe to big toe on each foot use him to get underneath the toenails as best can while talking about the smell of her feet and how much toejam and toe gunk he's going through). After going back and forth in her toenails she brings him up to her mouth again and loudly proclaims he's served her well and that while other humans in villages she's smited in the past have died from the stench alone of her feet, he's been loving it and taking every bit of her toes in to the point she can even see how aroused he is from the experience. As a final act, she says she'll aid him in getting off as he rubs him on the top of her big toenail on one foot for a bit before he cums and she commands him to match it on her other big toenail and again rubs him and makes him cum. She then places him underneath the sole of her foot saying this will be his new home before laughing again and walking off, ending the video.
Status: Available