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Name: Smelly Feet Nightmare
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:25
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: A tiny real man done by greenscreen is on a table (again if that's not possible a tiny figure is fine too but I'd prefer greenscreen) Sahrye comes home tired from work she sits down and rests her shoes on the table ( The camera angle is pointed towards the soles of her shoes in front of the soles is the tiny man ) Sahrye complains about how hot the weather is and that her feet always gets Soo extremely sweaty with these sneakers because she hates socks and never wears socks with them She takes them off ( camera angle is still the same ) and now the tiny man is faced towards her bare soles. The tiny guy complains about the smell. Sahrye wiggles a bit with her toes Sahrye then says well go ahead and massage them The tiny guy refuses to massage them and then Sahrye says. "Listen I know how smelly they are but if you don't message them right now I'm either going to drop you into my shoes and wear you all day while I go shopping with the girls...or I will just simply eat you" Sahrye then starts counting down from 10 to 1 but the guy still has not started massaging them. Sahrye gets a bit angry and says Ok well you asked for it into my shoe you go. She picks him up and drops him into one of her sneakers The Camera angle now changes Sahrye puts her sneakers on First the shoe without the man and then the shoe with the man inside and says "No for the last time I'm not going to wear socks. I don't wanna hear any complaining it's shopping time and she heads out before she heads out she does a little shoe play to adjust the tiny guy under her toes. (The camera angle is now on the table again like in the first scene) Sahrye comes home and rests her shoes on the table camera pointed to her soles. She complains that she didn't expect to go shopping this long with her friends "maybe I should've worn socks" Oh yeah omg I completely forgot he is still in there. She takes her shoes off and shakes the shoe upside down as she does that the tiny guy falls out on the table Sahrye says "oh well I guess he should've listened" and then the video ends

Keywords: Sahrye, Gary, sneakers, booms, shakes, feet, sfx
Status: Available