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Name: Sahrye Shrinks Family VR 180 3D 4K
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:52
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096x2048
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Description : Sahrye plays a the sister of the Mad Scientist Shrinks another family

You are the wife

Sahrye carries the jar in and places it on the floor opening the lid and kneeling next to it looking down at you. She reaches in and grabs you, picks you up and puts you on the ground next to the bottle. She teases you about your size, commenting on how cute you are. She asks you to hold on a second, she gets up, walks over to the table and grabs a small vial, brings it over and puts it on the floor next to you and knees back down. She tells you that it is the cure, it will make you big again. She wants to play a little game with you. She is going to give you an opportunity to get the cure, but if she catches you, she kills you. She reaches over and picks you up, carries you over to the corner, puts you down on the floor in between her feet and begins to count to ten. As she is counting the camera fades to black when it comes back in it is. Sahrye counts 7..8..9,10, where are you? As you run towards the antidote before you get to it, she out passes you easily. She pounces in front of you. On all fours, she guards the antidote from you. She crawls after you easily outpacing you. She slams her fist down, in front of you, scaring you, she opens up her hand and reaches her fingers around you, her fingers making a cage over you. She grabs you in her hand, picks you up and expresses how much she loves it when she wins before lowering you back to the ground. She then lifts her foot high and slams it down, crushing you. The screen fades to black.

Now you are the husband.

She then comes over, kneels down again in front of you. She reaches in to grab you, lifts you out and puts you on the floor. She sits down on the floor, her knees bent, her feet now on each side of you. She wonders how she is going to have some fun with you now. She lifts her foot up and slams it down next to you. She then cups her feet around you to prevent you from running away and reminds you just how tiny you are and how easy she could crush you. She knows, about your foot fetish and that this must be heaven for you, trapped between two massive feet. She wants to play a little game, she is going to tempt you, arouse you and give you jerk off instructions, but if you cum, she will end you. She pretends as though you are a tiny penis and she is giving you a footjob. The aroma is overpowering, her feet so soft and yet firm. You cannot possibly hold it in any longer, you blow your load right on her sole. She shrieks in disgust. She quickly rises to her feet. While doing so she knocks over the bottle with the final victim in it. She is foolish to think you could ever resist her. She lifts her foot above you and slowly brings it down on top of you.

You are now the daughter

when the jar was knocked over, you scurried under the arch of a pair of high heeled shoes. She gets up, walks over to the bottle and notices it is knocked over and you have escaped. She begins to stomp around. She just laughs and says “Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of the little bitch.” She begins to crawl along the ground, looking in everywhere for you. She passes you, turns and looks under the table, her massive feet, sole facing up, they nearly touch you. She turns around and stands up, right in front of you. On a whim, she kicks over the shoe revealing you.

“Now what should I do with you little one? Maybe I should just crush you,” she says. She lifts her foot up high above you and slams it down next to you. I still don’t know what little people taste like, maybe I will just eat you too. She scoops you up in the palm of her hand and hovers her mouth over top of you and slowly lowers it over you, closing her mouth around you, trapping you inside and swallowing you whole. Boom Sounds when she walks
Status: Available