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Name: Keri in 50 Ways to Shrink Your Lover 3D vr 180 4K
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:57
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096x2048
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I messed up! The last 50 ways to shrink your lover with Vonka was supposed to be shot in VR 3D 180 for the customer so I reshot it with Keri for him. More work for me but good news for anyone that liked the first one. I just copied the description from the last one with Vonka but it goes pretty much the same way.

You come home from work to find Keri Spectrum playing around on a computer. She's dressed in a halter top and a fairly short skirt. She tells you about this really cool website she found called "50 Ways to Shrink Your Lover" and says she's been reading it all day, learning lots of fun stuff...including something she decided to try a few minutes ago to see if it worked. You're slowly shrinking, but you haven't noticed yet; she playfully pretends not to notice either, making a few teasing remarks like "Aren't you usually taller than me?" and stuff like that before pretending nothing is wrong again. She knows that making you horny makes it work faster, so she starts teasing you with her breasts, flashing you her underwear, that kind of thing. She strips off her top and bra as you shrink to where her boobs would be at about eye level and talks about how much bigger her boobs look to you now, and how this is easier than making them grow. She then acknowledges that there's no point pretending anymore: you're shrinking, and it's starting to speed up. She takes off her skirt, leaving her in just a pair of panties. She gets up on the couch and encourages/helps you join her. Once you're up on the couch, she teases you with her body, kissing you, rubbing her breasts in your face, etc. She talks about how small you're getting, and how she must really be turning you on! As you keep getting smaller, she puts you between her thighs, giving you a good view of her panties. She says the website suggested that you "explore anything you find interesting," and that she might have a suggestion for where you could explore... This turns you on so much that you start to shrink even faster. She starts to worry, because you're getting smaller than she thought and she doesn't know when it will stop. Then she remembers that it's supposed to stop if you cum, so she encourages you to touch yourself, doing what she can to get you more aroused and encourage you to cum. Finally, you do, stopping your shrinking at only a couple of inches tall. Relieved, she picks you up in her hand and gives you a big kiss, saying that she'll keep you safe until you grow back...whenever that is.
Status: Available